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Game : Capture the Flag
How to play : Capture the Flag is one of super funny game adapted from Craig of the Creek. One of the most entertaining games released recently is now on! There is a flag battle in a 3vs3 fun arena. You can score by taking the flag from the opponent's base and moving it to your own base. Likewise, you must protect the flag on your base. 3 wins! You can team up with the Craig of the Creek characters you want in the game. But when you first start, many characters will be closed, you can unlock these by winning the battles. You can also buy power-ups in your next battle with the points you earn after battles and easily defeat your opponents! You can direct your character with the arrow keys and you can shoot with the space key. You can also increase your damage by purchasing other weapons in the game. Keep in mind that without these upgrades, it will be very difficult in the advanced levels. Let's choose your team and start this super fun battle! Adapted from the world of Craig of the Creek, this awesome Capture the Flag game is waiting for you!

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Capture the Flag game played 1,129 times and voted 1 times. Ratings: %100 likes, %0 dislikes.
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