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Game : FNF: Squid Game
How to play : FNF: Squid Game is a brand new Friday Night Funkin game adapted from popular Squid Game serie. 2 popular games are now together on, Squid Game and FNF! Our players have been waiting for the number of FNF games to increase for a long time. We didn't want to keep them waiting any longer and we brought them a fun and trendy FNF game! In the game, you will do a rap battle with one of the popular TV series Squid Game characters. This character, dressed in red and covered, looks a little creepy, doesn't it? You can play the game against him with the w, a, s, d or arrow keys. Don't lose your focus and press the buttons on your side of the screen at the right time. Only by focusing can you win this difficult battle. The difference of the game from other FNF games is that it has time! Whoever has the highest score at the end of the time wins. Can you beat your opponent in this challenging FNF: Squid Game game?

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