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Game : MLP Apple Jack
How to play : Would you like to play this game in which your charachter is clever and trustful Pony Apple Jack who has blonde hairs and grown up in the country in a house with apple garden. Of course! In the game, Apple Jack picks up ripe apples in the garden and load them inside his father's car. Be patient while you pick up these apples and if you happen to see something shiny on apple tree, pick it up quickly. And then put them in the basket and take them to the car. Naught ponies come to eat apples and you should stop them eat your apples. To do so, you have to put these apples to the car when you see them. MLP Apple Jack game.

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MLP Apple Jack game played 39,712 times and voted 323 times. Ratings: %88 likes, %12 dislikes.
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