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Game : My Little Pony Rarity
How to play : Scrumptious purple curls with white feathers and its host Rarity, the most beautiful unicorn living in Ponyville (believed to be magical unicorn). He already knows it. Pony Rarity a fashion designer, she is very talented, other Pony decorate them according to your personality is very fond of beautification. My biggest dream Princess Celestia also make designs for the super early. In this time waiting for him to make a design from you and in your face. Choose the colors you like. Eyes, hair and everything that may come to mind according to the tastes created from scratch. My Little Pony Rarity game.

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My Little Pony Rarity game played 58,693 times and voted 767 times. Ratings: %85 likes, %15 dislikes.
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