Game :456 Survival Game Challenge. great games to play!
How to play : 456 Survival Game Challenge is include 4 mini game which is adapted from Squid Game serie. These are green light red light, candy game, tug of war game and game of finding the right step. Are you ready to win all 4 mini-games and claim the grand prize? We would like to introduce the games to you, even if there is no one who has watched the series. In the first game, the floor is red while the robot baby is looking at us, and you should definitely not move in these situations. You can move when the baby turns around and starts singing. Drive carefully to the finish line. In the other game, you will try to make the shape given to you properly. The 3rd game is a simple tug of war game. In the last game, you must keep the correct path shown at the beginning of the game in your memory and proceed on that path. If you go to a wrong step, you lose! We think that you will love the game of this series, which is watched by everyone. Let's play the 456 Survival Game Challenge game now!

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