Game :Addition Brain Teaser. great games to play!
How to play : Addition Brain Teaser is one of mathematical puzzle and brain teaser game that you can play on! We know that children love math puzzle games and especially the difficult ones among these games. It will challenge you from the first episode to the last episode. Your goal in the game is to get the number in the middle of the wheel by using the numbers next to the wheel. But there are certain rules here. For example, the sum of the 2 numbers you will combine must be on the wheel. If the 2 numbers you combine are the same, you can add them even if they don't have a total on the wheel. Remember, you can even add 3 numbers together, but you should not break the 2 main rules of the game. According to these rules, you must think well, pass the levels and finish the game. If you want, you can restart the level from the right or undo your move. Will you be able to finish this awesome Addition Brain Teaser game?

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