Game :Adventure Time Collection. great games to play!
How to play : Do you find it interesting to accomplish easy or hard missions with different charachters? If your answer is yes, this game is just for you! We assume that you like these heroes and their friends. You can choose Finn or Lumpy Space Princess in the beginning of the game. We are sure that most of you want to play with Finn. Choose easy level in first game (If you choose Finn). Use spacebar to throw swords. Watch out for the spiders and bats. Collect all read rubies. In order to go up, you have to jump over the clouds. When you do all of these tasks, you will see an open way in the mirror. Go inside the mirror and finish the easy level. You can try hard level now. In this way, you can accomplish all missions and levels that are different for every charachter. By doing so, you will unlock all heroes' locks and finish all games. Adventure Time Collection game.

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Adventure Time Collection game played 182,082 times and voted 1216 times. Ratings: %85 likes, %15 dislikes.
Finn and Jake Collection  CN Adventure Time Collection 

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