Game :Adventure Time Righteous Quest. great games to play!
How to play : Finn and Jake embars on a new adventure to find the kings missing swords this time. Will they be able to find missing swords and help the princess? Adventure Time Finding Missing Swords game consists of exciting levels and we must find five missing swords in every level. You may come across enemy flies. Use spacebar to throat rocks at them. If you see peeks that are impossible to jump, go beneath the peeks and press spacebar. By doing so, Finn will jump on Jake and his legs get taller. Another option to jump over high obstacles is to press spacebar which turns Jakes ears to wings and help him fly. When you find all missing swords, try to find the door. When you find the door, the game will be finished. Adventure Time Righteous Quest game.

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Adventure Time Righteous Quest game played 41,097 times and voted 252 times. Ratings: %84 likes, %16 dislikes.
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