Game :Agent Pyxel. great games to play!
How to play : Agent Pyxel is one of exciting and high quality agent game for kids. Agent games that boys are very interested in are at! The game includes great details, well-created maps and good gameplay mechanics. You have a different mission in each part of the game. You must successfully complete this mission and unlock the other mission. We are confident that you will successfully complete these tasks with agent pyxel. You can move with the arrow keys, use the objects with the f key, and fill your life by using the first aid kit with the tab key. Remember, your gun will run out of ammo often, so reload with the r key. By opening the secret cabinets in the game, you can find keys, first aid kits and special weapons. You can change your weapon with the q and e keys. You should try this super exciting and awesome mission Agent Pyxel game right now.

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