Game :Agent P Strikes Back. great games to play!
How to play : Agent P whose duty is to find and destroy Platyborg, teleported to 2nd dimension and became Perry the Platypus. The very first aim is to rescue all the agents taken captive by the enemy. Since every single agent will help you unlock doors, it's very important to rescue all of agents. Do not forget to collect all pallets. You will face with robots and they will fight against you. Therefore, you should take their weapons when you come across these robots by pressing "Spacebar". The important point is that they should be in your magnetic space when you try to collect their weapons. Thus, you can take their weapons and use them against robots. But, you can't jump up while you hold a weapon. In order to drop your weapon, you should press down arrow key. Move your hero with arrow keys and you can jump up higher and higher if you press up arrow key two times consecutively. The higher level you start, the harder it will be to finish.
Agent P Strikes Back game played 114,120 times and voted 365 times. Ratings: %88 likes, %12 dislikes.
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