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How to play : Among Cars is one of great online car wars game online! We think that all players like online games more than offline games. That's why we try to include more online games on In this game that we have specially selected for you, you will equip your car with weapons and shields and fight with other players! You can attach saws, nails and different weapons to your car. You can also increase the defense of your car with defense equipment. There are 2 modes in the game, in the first mode you can fight with other players, in the other you can fight the special boss and drop valuable items from it. The platform in the game has a feature. In some battles, you can defeat your opponents using this feature. Over time, an ice floe falls down from both the right and left ends of the platform, if you can push your opponent to that side, you can knock him down and win the battle! Come on, defeat your opponents, drop valuable items from bosses and make your name known in the online arena in Among Cars game!

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