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How to play : Applejack beats up snowmen and saves Christmas. Z to Jump, X to Attack. Arrow Keys to move, and Space to pause. Double-tap left or right to run. Winter is here and Christmas is approaching. It is snowing outside, flaky and our cute Pony Applejack is devoted to New Years Holiday. But what the room handing out Christmas gifts Santa Claus is in trouble and needs help. We need to rescue her. We move using the arrow keys and Z to jump on Applejack X're kicking. Throwing snowballs and snowmen us hurts us, our values ​​and our right to c if they are going to the heart. If you receive a gift you give gifts on the road and can complement missing. If you see the big Christmas tree reaches its peak power, and the pony went over to buy potions and select the gift and strength of one. For example, if you get horseshoes bouncing it too, there is something like ship anchors used in place strict adherence room, the heart of an extra power to give life to look like it works for you. AppleJack Xmas game.

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AppleJack Xmas game played 39,226 times and voted 283 times. Ratings: %78 likes, %22 dislikes.
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