Game :Avatar Aang On. great games to play!
How to play : Avatar Aang On! Is one of the craziest games we have designed for How about a great adventure with the Last Airbender Aang? Real Avatar Aang will need you a lot in this game because the rocks, fire and arrows are enough to deter him. Fire, water, air and earth elements in this game you will only use 2 of them. These are air and water. What about Aang doing with these mysterious elements? Never let the fire nation catch you unprepared and defeat your village. You have to believe you can do the best with the most powerful elements. The game may seem very difficult at the beginning. But as you play, you'll find it's easier and more fun. There are 3 different levels and you must achieve the highest score by skipping these levels. Try to make great maneuvers using the mouse. You will love to play free online Avatar Aang On game for kids.

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