Game :Avatar Ashes in the Air. great games to play!
How to play : Avatar Ashes in the Air is one of our best games on that we think you'll love to play. You will fight as a prince in the most magnificent palace of the city and try not to be captured. Don't let the city's towers fall and use your most powerful skills. Aang and Katara need you. Get the Aang avatar and fight your enemies to become a prince that everyone will talk to for years. In the game you need to be protected from the fires thrown from the towers to burn you. At the same time in the game you have to get Aang to shoot Katara. To do this, move to the right directions and click on the direction buttons. You need to direct the fire from the right angle. Remember that you do not have unlimited resources and chances. You only have 9 chances and you have to finish all the fires. You can get more fire by burning woods, trees and everything that can burn. Use the arrow keys to do this. You will love to play free online Avatar Ashes in the Air game for kids.

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Avatar Ashes in the Air game played 3,538 times and voted 8 times. Ratings: %75 likes, %25 dislikes.
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