Game :Avatar Black Sun Siege. great games to play!
How to play : Avatar Black Sun Siege is an Avatar game based on a great castle defense strategy that you can play on In this game you have a lot of enemies and you need to prepare crazy war strategies for airbenders. Get ready for a strong defense together with Aang and his friends. Defeat your enemies and conquer the castles to capture the Plaza Tower. Hundreds of guards will be here waiting for you. These guards aren't all of the same strength, and the more powerful guards will greet you as you approach the Plaza. So try to improve your skills by collecting all the bonuses around. You can choose the power of the army as you wish. Because each different power means different elements. And these elements all represent different skills. There are different fleets in the game and together with these 9 different fleets you can create much more powerful castles. Water benders will also appear after you have established these fleets. Kill them too and take over the Plaza. You will love to play free online Avatar Black Sun Siege game for kids.

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Avatar Black Sun Siege game played 4,895 times and voted 2 times. Ratings: %50 likes, %50 dislikes.
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