Game :Avatar Path of a Hero. great games to play!
How to play : Avatar Path of a Hero is an outstanding Avatar series game that you can play on Choose your heroes and start a glorious adventure right away. Part 1 is available and will be played in Part 2 next year. You will see Aang's adventures in this game and you will only see what this 12-year-old hero has accomplished. In this game where you will fight with airbenders, you will witness an excellent martial art that melts even the wind. Together with the Northern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation, you must be very powerful to build a powerful army and defeat your enemies. In this game we think you will have a perfect time, you will see much more powerful items for different levels. In this game, you will experience the art of using air, water and fire. You will love to play free online Avatar Path of a Hero game for kids.

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Avatar Path of a Hero game played 3,511 times and voted 9 times. Ratings: %78 likes, %22 dislikes.
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