Game :Avatar Rise of the Phoenix King. great games to play!
How to play : Avatar Rise of the Phoenix King is a special game we think you will enjoy playing on Together with our friends, we have thought about whether or not to offer this game and we wanted to present it to you. You will need to implement the deep battle strategies between Aang and Fire Lord Ozai in this game. And in this way, you will decide the largest of the Avatar World. In the game you can choose from 4 different nationalities. After the war, you will rule the four great nations and rule the Earth. You will have to do a lot of battles and get the highest scores to show your name in the score result table. Use W, A, S and D arrow keys to play the game. Use the mouse keys to squeeze the weapon. When you start the game you will have 3 lives and this will decrease after each attack. You have 3 chances to avoid losing the whole battle. Good luck. You will love to play free online Avatar Rise of the Phoenix King game for kids.

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Avatar Rise of the Phoenix King game played 12,669 times and voted 19 times. Ratings: %79 likes, %21 dislikes.
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