Game :Barbie Cakery Bakery. great games to play!
How to play : Barbie Cakery Bakery, together with is now much more special. Barbie's adventures, this time we stop at a cake shop. So what's Barbie doing here? This time, Barbie decides to open a cake shop and sell the most perfect cakes here. Strawberry, chocolate, kiwi and much more different flavors. You need to help him do all this. But you have to help her prepare these cakes. Because he might not catch up on his own. However, of course the best cake recipes will give you again. So it's enough to follow the cake recipes correctly. In the game you will have to make cakes of every color and every fruit. Each cake means one task and each task also means a score. Of course, you do not have unlimited time in doing this and you need to serve all cakes to impatient customers as soon as possible. You will love to play free online Barbie Cakery Bakery game for kids.

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Barbie Cakery Bakery game played 3,922 times and voted 10 times. Ratings: %60 likes, %40 dislikes.
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