Game :Beemo Blitz. great games to play!
How to play : Finn and Jake Keep tries to rescue a robot from the bad king of the ice kingdom. The only thing you should to do finish the game is to arrive the finish line without getting beaten. Use spacebar for Finn and Jake to throw the robot at each other. After every throwing, you will get extra combo points. But, the ice king has bad surprises as well: Obstacles, penguins in his command, ice mountains. In order to throw the robot, jump on the mountain and throw the robot at the same time. Otherwise, the robot will be broken into pieces. Even if you fall into holes, or penguins capture you, do not lose the robot or let them take it away from you. You have three chances of losing your robot. Beemo Blitz game.

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Beemo Blitz game played 22,196 times and voted 99 times. Ratings: %81 likes, %19 dislikes.
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