Game :Ben 10 Duel of the Duplicates. great games to play!

How to play : Ben 10 Omniverse Duel is very amusing and addicting game. We start with Feedback which is not affected by electricity. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to throw energy balls. In order to finish the game we should duel with Ben 10 Mummy. If you win the duel, you will have the charachter Ben 10 Mummy and have a chance to play next game. Lets talk about second game. The only difference in second game, we can now also use X. Use X to change the charachter you want and activate omnitrix.Ben 10 Mummy can jump to high places and very useful to destroy enemies shields. Finally, we will face with Ben 10 Bloxx and play the next game. Ben 10 Duel of the Duplicates game.

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This game 38,002 played.
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