Game :Ben 10 Omniverse Collection. great games to play!

How to play : Ben 10 Omniverse Collecte is the game you have been looking for lately! In the game Ben 10 Omniverse, two more charachter added. First charachter is Bloxx and the second one is Ballweevil. Bloxx has strong punches that can reach to almost anywhere.When you jump up and punch, Bloxxs arms get taller. Also, its the same case with right and left punches. Ballweevil can create energy balls and throw them at his rivals by supercharhing them. Every level except the first one is locked. You can unlock them by finishing every level. Ben 10 Omniverse Collection game.

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This game 53,057 played.
Benten Omniverse Collection  Ben Tennyson Omniverse Collection 

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