Game :Ben 10 Omniverse Psychobos. great games to play!

How to play : This is the last game of Ben 10 and Rook and it has high graphics. The game is called Ben10 Omniverse Psychobos 3D Unity and in order to play this game you need to have requires media player to play it properly. You can play with Ben10 or Rook. Just click on the charachter you want. It is not for sure whether the game takes place in a ship or a spaceport. Break the boxes you see and collect cubes coming out of them. You might see familiar enemies such as Dr. Psychobos and others. You can use items on the screen when you need help. At first sight, the game might seem confusing but you will love it the more you play. You can buy extra items with the points of cubes you collected. You should play the game as a guest, we shall remind you.

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This game 25,556 played.
Benten Omniverse Psychobos  Ben Tennyson Omniverse Psychobos 

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