Game :Ben 10 Return of Psyphon. great games to play!
How to play : In this game, our two superheroes Ben10 and Rook will be against Psyphon ve his soldiers. When the game is ready, click on new game button. If you want to play only yourself, press one player and if you want to play the game with your brother or your friend, press multiplayer button. The question is, whether you want to play with Ben10 or Rook. The creature Ben10 turns to is very strong but bulky whereas Rook is fast but weak. We chose Ben 10 and played the game. Let us give you a clue: If you write SHIELDED on CODE section, you will have a shield and be more protected to attacks against you. How to play? Use Z to punch, X to fire and C to jump. There are other instructions in the game, you should read instructions section. Good luck in the game. Ben 10 Return of Psyphon game.

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Ben 10 Return of Psyphon game played 39,426 times and voted 310 times. Ratings: %85 likes, %15 dislikes.
Benten Return of Psyphon  Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon 

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