Game :Beyblade Beywarriors. great games to play!
How to play : Is Beywarri's largest Examen are about to begin! As part of the training of all Beywarrior to unleash the true power of the mystical Storm goes to the temple. However, in a high mountain where the temple was an amazing thing. One night, a magnificent lightning storm starting on the temple began to rain. One of the powerful Holy Hall of lightning that struck a large dark force that the earth split in half revealed transition. Transition from this cursed dark ninja army arrived and magicians. Go to storm the temple, found your true power and send it back to where it came evil! Beyblade Beywarriors game.

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Beyblade Beywarriors game played 15,785 times and voted 96 times. Ratings: %86 likes, %14 dislikes.
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