Game :Bratz Mermaidz. great games to play!
How to play : Bratz Mermaidz is one of our fun games that you will enjoy playing with We were planning to give this game with our friends later, but we took the date a little further for you and decided to share it with you as of today. This is a great game you must have for a great gaming experience, and you and your friends can accompany it. The game is a matching game and you have to match the same pictures on the screen. Each picture you match will earn you points and you can use them to move to the next level at the end of the game. When you bring 3 same faces together, pairing will be complete, so when pairing you need to make sure they are the same pictures. After the pairings are completed, you can proceed to the next level. What you should not forget is the fact that you do not have unlimited time in this game. Because in this game you have limited time varying only by level. You will not need anything other than pen and paper in this game. You will love to play free online Bratz Mermaidz game for kids.

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Bratz Mermaidz game played 2,195 times and voted 3 times. Ratings: %67 likes, %33 dislikes.
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