Game :Broforce. great games to play!
How to play : After you install Broforce game CLICK TO START button on the home screen click on the menu of options to start a new game using the arrow keys on your keyboard to start to come on you must press the Enter key . Then you come across on the screen include a brief description of the game here , you can press Enter to move . JOIN GAME to start the game from the page titled green A button , press the up direction ( W to 2 players ) must be pressed. When the game starts , scroll quickly opened fire against terrorists should you come across . To direct more fighters in the game and if you lose your life for the right to continue to provide all the must rescue the hostages . In addition, because a limited number of special weapon on the American flag can get special weapons to break the wooden boxes . With a maximum of 2 or more players can play games Brofor OPTIONS section of the main menu of the game using logging feature KEYS SET UP keys can fully adjust as desired . Broforce game.

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Broforce game played 19,719 times and voted 97 times. Ratings: %74 likes, %26 dislikes.
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