Game :Casa de Dora - New Adventures. great games to play!
How to play : Dora opened the door to the house. Come and explore! Adventures in store! Dora was invited to her home. Come and explore! , Playing dress-up Mami's recipes, and his playful kittens, perrito spend a day looking for! Enter Dora's room and play dress-up. His clothing has a special adventure in the body shop. And discover a magical thing to match her ​​outfit! Shimmering guitars, cats, fruit, and pay more attention in every room. Click here to see what they are. Colorful ropes, bones, and using different ways we play with perrito in the garden. When you are finished exploring, printable Dora dress-up adventure forget to print! Casa de Dora - New Adventures game.

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Casa de Dora - New Adventures game played 47,935 times and voted 291 times. Ratings: %91 likes, %9 dislikes.
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