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How to play : Clarence Arm Shirt Juggle has long been one of the games we wanted to offer you with However, we chose today as our best time with our teammates. With this game we released today, you will witness a great adventure in jungle. Clarence, who has built a strong friendship, is really happy here, but there are some tasks to do. One of these tasks is to play sports in a wild forest that no one has visited before. Yes, you have not heard wrong, just like football, basketball, handball and tennis, a sport will be performed here. You can play the game with the mouse. Thanks to our game module, which senses mouse movements very meticulously, you will have a wonderful gaming experience. You can also play with your friends if you want. Moreover, the scores of 3 people will be calculated separately and it will be clear who is using the ball properly. You will love to play free online Clarence Arm Shirt Juggle game for kids.

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