Game :Epic Run Race. great games to play!
How to play : Epic Run Race is one of great racing game with funny power-ups. We have brought a very fun and exciting running race game to our site for you. Although the game seems like a simple running race, the power-ups in the game make the race very exciting. Because every moment you can be the first when you are the last and vice versa! All you have to do is to direct your character with the mouse and avoid obstacles. If you run into obstacles, you will slow down. Don't miss the power-ups! Thanks to the power-ups, you can run much faster and pass your opponents. Of course, this speed can sometimes be a problem for you! You can also jump very high by getting the jump boost, and you can gain an advantage by directing your character according to the platform. You should play this wonderful game where the excitement never stops. Let's try the Epic Run Race game now!

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Epic Run Race game played 2,332 times and voted 2 times. Ratings: %50 likes, %50 dislikes.
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