Game :FNF vs Dracobot. great games to play!
How to play : FNF vs Dracobot is one of super funny music battle game that you can play via Hey player, brand new fun awaits you in the popular FNF arena: versus Dracobot. We are aware that we have not shared an FNF game for a long time. That's why many of our players had to play old FNF games. But now there is a brand new FNF game you can play! In the game, you will have a relentless music war with Dracobot and you will try to win this war. We think that many players know the main purpose of FNF games, but we will give a little information for our players who are new to this game genre. A music battle will be held in the game by using the w, a, s, d or arrow keys. In this battle, you have to press the keys according to the rhythm. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is pressing the keys correctly at the right time! When you press a missing or wrong key, your points will be deleted and even if the bottom bar turns red, you will lose the game. Can you beat Dracobot in this super fun FNF vs Dracobot game?

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