Game :FNF vs Future Tom. great games to play!
How to play : FNF vs Future Tom is a new FNF music battle game for kids. You love playing FNF games on We know you've been waiting for this super exciting game series for a long time. Introducing the newest FNF game vs Future Tom! Tom is from the future and joins this battle using the special VR technologies of the future. So actually Tom is the future Tom! Because he comes from the future, he can beat you very easily with the new technologies he uses! But don't give up and fight in this tough music battle. If you are new to FNF games: You can play the game with arrow keys or W,A,S,D. The aim of the game is to catch the rhythm by pressing the right button at the right time and win this battle. If you press the wrong button, your score will decrease. When you fill the bottom bar completely green, you will beat your opponent! We definitely recommend you to try FNF vs Future Tom game!

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