Game :FNF vs Solazar. great games to play!
How to play : FNF vs Solazar is one of fan-made music game that you can play on We liked the game made by FNF fans and we decided to share it with you. In the game, you will fight with the smoke head Solazar and you will try to defeat him in this very difficult battle. There are 3 different difficulties to choose from in the game, but the game is very difficult, even if it is fan made. In the game, you have to keep up with the rhythm with the arrow keys or w, a, s, d. Hit the buttons on the screen at the right time and win this awesome and super funny battle! If you haven't played a Fan-made FNF game before, you should definitely try this very difficult FNF vs Solazar game for kids!

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FNF vs Solazar game played 2,109 times and voted 3 times. Ratings: %67 likes, %33 dislikes.
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