Game :Friday Night Funkin vs Giant Egg. great games to play!
How to play : Friday Night Funkin vs Giant Egg is one of super funny music battle game that you can play via We share the FNF games for you in the order of the stories. Our next story is Giant Egg! In this game consisting of 4 different music, you will fight a musical rhythm against a giant egg. There may be players who still do not know about FNF games, which have reached enormous popularity in the entire gaming industry. Therefore, let's give a little information for our players who are new to this game. You can play the game by using the arrow keys or the w, a, s, d keys. When the next rhythm keys come to the spaces at the top, you have to press that key. So you have to be focused and fast! Remember, no one has to win the first time you play, if you lose try again. Let's win this super funny battle with FNF! Challenge, music and fun all in one Friday Night Funkin vs Giant Egg game online!

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