Game :Gravity Falls Villains Unite. great games to play!
How to play : Gravity Falls Villains Unite is now with you as as one of our great games. We wanted to bring this game to you for a long time, but we were waiting for the right time and now is the right time. It's time to join Kolpen and his friends for an impressive Gravity Falls experience. Choose your opponents and build a strong team with your hero. You can then start fighting and defeat your opponents. You can start the adventure by choosing the one you want from Beginner or Expert boards. You can move with the arrow keys and fight with the Right arrow key. Each victory will confront you with stronger opponents, and you can beat the opponents and get the most points and move on to the next level. Each player on your team can fight multiple times. So when choosing your team, be sure to choose it correctly. Let's get started now! You will love to play free online Gravity Falls Villains Unite game for kids.

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Gravity Falls Villains Unite game played 542 times and voted 6 times. Ratings: %83 likes, %17 dislikes.
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