Game :Grizzy the Lemmings Yummy Run. great games to play!
How to play : Grizzy the Lemmings Yummy Run is a new run game designed for kids that you can play on We are here with a funny running game adapted from the cartoon Grizzy the Lemings, which children love very much. By the way, this cartoon is loved not only by children but also by some of our editors! Choose your side and start racing in the race between Grizzy and the Lemmings. If you make a short press on the spacebar, you can change lanes on a 2-lane road. If you press and release a little longer, you can jump. Thanks to these two moves in the game, you can avoid obstacles and win the race. Also in the game there are jars filled with chocolate, namely yummy! If you collect 6 of these yummy, they will give you the nitro feature and your speed will be doubled for a short time! You can play this Grizzy the Lemmings Yummy Run game with 3 difficulty levels and unlimited modes as much as you want!

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