Game :Handy Manny Carnival Games. great games to play!
How to play : Handy Manny Carnival Games is one of the games we keep in Handy Manny category on Handy Manny and his instruments are frequented by a carnival. This carnival will have great hours and you will never want to leave the carnival. At the end of this wonderful carnival, great prizes will be waiting for you. But first you'll have to collect the points you need for each game. There are 3 different levels in the game and each level will be more difficult than the other. In the first game 3 clowns will be waiting for you. And a tap on the bottom. You must pour the water flowing from this tap into the clowns face. To do this, you need to capture the exact moment with the Space key. In the second level you will use a hammer and in the last level you will compete with bulls. You can get surprise prizes by playing this awesome game. But you'll have to use the Space key in the most accurate way and on time. You will love to play free online Handy Manny Carnival Games game for kids.

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Handy Manny Carnival Games game played 7,429 times and voted 22 times. Ratings: %82 likes, %18 dislikes.
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