Game :Kai-lan Ladybug Festival. great games to play!
How to play : Kai-lan has a super fun game to play. Shell describe what is in her view and it is up to you to spot it too! Kai-lan is full of fun ideas and her latest involves your child playing along as she heads to the Ladybug Festival. Kai-lan will give hints for something she sees, then your child can look for it and use the mouse to click on it. Listen closely as Kai-lan describes what she sees using colors, shapes, sizes, and names of objects. If you find what she is describing, she'll even teach you how to say the word in Chinese! For being a super friend, Kai-lan has a game for your kids to print at the end so make it all the way to the festival! Kai-lan Ladybug Festival game.

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Kai-lan Ladybug Festival game played 34,828 times and voted 169 times. Ratings: %82 likes, %18 dislikes.
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