Game :Mario & Banzai. great games to play!
How to play : Mario & Banzai is one of our great platform games that you can play via and perhaps will interest you. With this game, we will actually reduce your criticism of the previous Toby's adventures to a minimum. In fact, we thought you would like this game much more because there were so many coincidences between Toby and this game and we dragged Mario to a stronger friendship with Banzai. Of course, there is a lot of work for you here as well, because I guess Super Mario is not well-suited to its new employee and employee Banzai. That's why you need to help these two heroes right away. We are sure that your aids will definitely pay off, and we offer you great choices for you to play right away. You can see these selections immediately. You can then choose whatever you want. You will love to play free online Mario & Banzai game for kids.

The other kids are suggested you to look into Kids Games category. If you want free online fun game suggestion, play Toby's Adventures game.
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