Game :Mini Golf Funny. great games to play!
How to play : Mini Golf Funny is one of different but exciting sport game. We now have a brand new category on! We are here with Sports Games. As the first game of our new category, we have chosen a fun golf game for you. You will play a mini golf game where you have unlimited moves in the game. But this game is a little different from regular golf. You can shoot while the ball is in the air! In other words, you can hit the ball at any time you want and in this way, you can reach the ball to the desired area. The game also has a return icon in some areas that will give you a lot of difficulty. If your ball touches this symbol in any way, you may have to go back to the beginning. So be careful not to touch this icon. A different but funny Mini Golf Funny game for golf lovers is waiting for you now!

The little fish needs protection! Let's change the keys to keep him alive and protect him from the big fish! play Save the Fishes.
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