Game :MTB Pro Racer. great games to play!
How to play : MTB Pro Racer is one of bike racing simulation game 3D that you can play on The reason why we specify the game as a simulator is that it is very close to reality. The bike riding mechanics of the game are very similar to real life! We are sure that you all will love this professionally designed game. You can control the bike with the arrow keys and use the boosts you have collected with the x key. You can change the camera with the C key and reset the bike with the R key. It is possible to do aerobatics in the game! You can do aerobatic moves with the Z key while in the air. It is possible to attack your opponents in this professional simulation game, where each feature is included separately! While going side by side, you can attack your opponents with the space key and knock them off the bike. Grant 2 types of power-ups in the game. One baseball bat, one nitro. When you take the baseball bat, the first 3 attacks you will make to your opponent will be more accurate from further distances. With the X key, you can use nitro and accelerate. Play this professional simulation game MTB Pro Racer now!

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