Game :My Little Pony Dancing. great games to play!
How to play : Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and other pony friends altogether enroll to a dancing school to have fun. They have signed up for Pony Dance Studio but none of them know how to dance. What we need to do then? We need to creat dance moves. You can save these dance moves after the game if you wish to do so. You will see two buttons on the top of your screen in the game; RECORD and PLAY. You can record your video simply by clicking on it and when you click on play, you can watch the dance video. But should know the numbers first and see how they will dance. My Little Pony Dancing game.

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My Little Pony Dancing game played 27,798 times and voted 208 times. Ratings: %84 likes, %16 dislikes.
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