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How to play : Narrow One is one of the flag grabbing games that you can play online. We are happy that you are playing this fun online game on Your goal in the game consisting of blue and red teams is to take the flag and carry it to your base. While doing this, you can choose one of the bows and block your enemies. Take the flag from the opponent base and bring it to your own base by protecting the flag with your team. When you carry 3 flags in this way, you can win the game! Each of the 5 different broadcasts in the game has different features. Some have long range but low damage, while others have short range but high damage. Also, some are harder to aim, while others are easier to aim. Of course, since this is an online game, the powers of all the bows are balanced. Let's collect the flags and get your team the win in this fun Narrow One game.

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