Game :Pacman Platform 2. great games to play!
How to play : Pacman Platform 2 is one of our most exclusive games on In this game, ghosts are moving everywhere and faster than you. But you can be slower than them, but you are smarter than them. Collect the eggs around using your intelligence and complete the game by taking the last egg. This time you will play in the air. Don't be confused by this. Everything is the same but the floor is different. You can choose any location on the map. But for this you need to advance the levels first. After completing the levels, more challenging stages will be waiting for you. You can determine your movements with the arrow keys. You won't have a hard time doing this and Pacman will help you. With the last level, all your points will be collected. If you are one of the best score pickers of all time, you will see your name in the top score section. And of course everyone else will see it. You will love to play free online Pacman Platform 2 game for kids.

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Pacman Platform 2 game played 1,303 times and voted 3 times. Ratings: %67 likes, %33 dislikes.
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