Game :Pacman War Shooting. great games to play!
How to play : Pacman War Shooting is one of the most diverse games of the Pacman series games and is waiting for you at You must be very careful in this game full of adventures. Because there are monsters behind Pacman and they have been chasing Pacman like crazy for a long time. They will hunt the moment they catch him. So you need to protect him from scary monsters and also have to finish all the baits on the map. You have to protect Pacman until there is one last feed. After all the baits are finished, you can now switch to the next level. In this game, you have to fight against the armies that the USA considers as enemies. You can also use weapons in the game. At the same time, every monster can hit you by accessing these weapons. You also need to pay attention to this. You can shoot the monsters by taking the weapons. You will also need to escape and take the bait around. Let's see if you can achieve this. You will love to play free online Pacman War Shooting game for kids.

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Pacman War Shooting game played 1,951 times and voted 8 times. Ratings: %75 likes, %25 dislikes.
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