Game :Patrick Bomb Wars. great games to play!
How to play : You have many charachter options in the game such as Patrick, Aimer, Chum Chum and Sam. You should take precautions while ninja robots wander and check for enemies. If you chose Patrick or other charachters, use arrow keys to move. In order to throw a bomb, select your charachter and then customize the direction of arrow. Enemies are the robots and they wont just wait while you attack them. Red pearls make you gain more health so try to pick all of them. Your enemies are crowded. So be careful with your moves and always watch out for robots. We have played the game for hours, it is quite addicting. You will love it! Patrick Bomb Wars game.

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Patrick Bomb Wars game played 15,683 times and voted 104 times. Ratings: %75 likes, %25 dislikes.
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