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How to play : While Randy Cunningham and his best friend Howard were studying in the class, they got scared with collapse of the wall. Punchocalypse came in and took Howard away. 9th grade Ninja should make a move and rescue his best friend from that insane. In the game, ninja is moved by arrow keys and thus helped to fight against the enemies. When spacebar is pressed, a menu bar shows up and you can choose any weapon you want. If you see an ice wall, you should use the fire ball. If you see a fire wall, you should use ice ball. When you see the fire wall, first you should use an ice ball to extinguish it and then you should punch the wall. Spacebar will be very useful to use weapons and items. Destroy all monsters and save your friend by finishing all levels. In order to use weapons, press X and press C to use ninja skills. Randy Cunningham Punchocalypse game.

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