Game :Snowball Sprint. great games to play!
How to play : Snowball Sprint is one of great running game designed for kids. We are happy that you are playing this game on our site. Do you like making snowballs? What about snowball fights with your friends? In this game, you can knock down your opponents with snowballs! On the platform you are running, you will encounter 2 types of obstacles, one of them is snowball fighters trying to prevent you, and the other is a hole! You can use the up arrow key to avoid falling into the holes, you can throw snowballs at them with the space key to drop the snowball fighters. But you have a stock of snowballs at the bottom left and you cannot throw snowballs when this stock runs out. To replenish the stock, you must collect the snow on the ground by holding the down arrow key! If you can't find snow on the ground, you can jump over the warriors trying to block you. Come on, take your place in this funny Snowball Sprint game!

Hey kids! We suggest you check out our Kids Games category, which is updated with educational games everyday. Move the magnet to the desired box and finish the level! But remember, this magnet brings with it everything that can block you! Let's play now: play Magnet Mayhem.
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