Game :SpongeBob Cardbored. great games to play!
How to play : From the days of someday sponge bop very annoyed. star patrick of the cardboard model when dealing with his new friend bored a game to prepare for the fall thought. Enemies Carton name of the game SpongeBob his sponge by adding a mechanism to cardboard prepared to fight. SpongeBob knife in his hand began to play dress on the adventure. With the help of your mouse to the top left you holding the cardboard can suck your mouse and you can brandishing your spatula. They are too close paperboard jellyfish, sea bears and even walruses. Very tired of tossing your spatula sponge, then you should rest. SpongeBob Cardbored game.

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SpongeBob Cardbored game played 11,683 times and voted 106 times. Ratings: %79 likes, %21 dislikes.
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