Game :SpongeBob Classroom Cupid. great games to play!
How to play : You have never seen him like that. He has two wings and a love potion. We are talking about Spongebob the Cupid, what did you think? How funny is the thing on his head. But we will make those happy who are waiting to fall in love and waiting to receive letters from their lovers. Watch out for the pink colored jellyfishes, they can burn you. If you happen to see Patrick, do not forget to take love arrows from him.Use X to throw blue colored arrows and Z to throw pink colored arrows. How do we get to know the colors? Check clothes of those who are waiting for letters. Blue or pink, do what you need to do according to this. SpongeBob Classroom Cupid game.

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SpongeBob Classroom Cupid game played 17,225 times and voted 63 times. Ratings: %78 likes, %22 dislikes.
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