Game :SpongeBob Monster Island. great games to play!
How to play : How did he come to a remote island? What is going on? What is that place? It is not for sure whether Sponge Bob came here while he travelled to Monster Island by ship or not. What for sure is that he must get rid of these antic monsters. You can start playing with any level you want. The game has 5 levels. In every level, the monster is different. In first level, green and big monster chase after Sponge Bob and you should collect red mirror like crystals, watch out for sand and obstacles which have eyes. In second level, the green monster is under the control of Sponge Bob. You should collect crystals in second level too. Watch out for fires from the sky. Do not be scared if you have red crystals. Use spacebar to scream and destroy them. There are 3 levels more but we will not give you any spoiler since it will be more exciting this way. Briefly, all you need to use to play the game spacebar and your mouse. Enjoy it! SpongeBob Monster Island game.

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